Sunday 26th March 2023

Prayer and Deliverance Bible (Big)



All brand new Prayer and Deliverance Bible by Dr D.K Olukoya Features: * Over 4,500 prayer points. * Gold imprints and Gold glided edges. * Leather bound. * Encased in an attractive hardback box, to protect the Bible. * Giant, readable Print. * The Word of Jesus in red. * Soul-stirring uplifting articles, from the personal study notes of DR D.K Olukoya * Practical solutions to life’s problems embedded in each article. * The comprehensive dictionary/concordance, are ideal for Bible study and teaching preparation * Over 50 thoroughly researched weapons of Spiritual warfare taken directly from the Bible. * Includes the A-Z of deliverance for those new to the Ministry. * Revised to clarify meaning and importance of the deliverance ministry and prayer. * An ideal Christian Worker’s resource , and special supplement to enhance the effectiveness of the deliverance ministry. * Over 30 different sections of articles/ study notes directly from DR. D.K Olukoya, packed with real life examples and other features to aid your personal study and application of God’s Word.


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