Sunday 26th March 2023

Who art thou?



Life is full of secrets and mysteries. Many people are shadows of what heaven created them to be. This is because, even after three or more decades on earth, they are yet to discover their correct identities and begin their
journey of destiny fulfilment. It is disheartening! Several people are also wrongly positioned and demonically
entangled in activities that have disconnected them from the desire of heaven.

In this highly anointed, eye-opening and life-changing book. Dr D. K. Olukoya, God’s Generalissimo and prophet unto nations, reveals 8 pertinent questions everyone must answer correctly to fulfil divine purpose. He enjoins believers to pray to God for answers to the 8 salient questions and get the divine information that will birth for them deliverance, breakthroughs and all-round fulfilment.

Highly enriching, each chapter of this groundbreaking book ends with Holy Ghost- vomited prayer points, and the last chapter offers a prayer warfare section that will yield complete deliverance and awesome testimonies. This book is also designed to rescue youths from being totally wasted and converted to endangered species by the devil. It is the book all destinies across the globe have been waiting for.


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